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Plants in tissue culture

Tissue culture:

For difficult plants to propagate via conventional means this is sometimes the most successful method of offering uniform young plant material.

We strive to offer quality plants either as a one off delivery pre booked (as all plants are grown to order); or can arrange regular programmed schedules that can be updated throughout the season.

We also hold elite stock of certain plants for mother stock propagation by conventional means. Sometimes TC material produces better quality and fuller plants as it has the advantage of increased shoot proliferation within certain genera such as Crocosmia, Dierama and Schizostylis.

Material can be purchased as stage 3 (normal rooted in agar) min qty x 100 for Elite stock or x 300 for commercial production. TC plants may also be ordered as weaned plugs (modules) and in all cases plants are grown to order upon written confirmation.

The plants are supplied in plastic tubs or petri type dishes according to the type of material and the lab we use, for any given product. Weaning notes are usually included in a shipment to help with any specific plant requirements.

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