Sourcing and selecting new plants from all around the world….

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Do you have something new to share?

NWP partners with well-known breeders and professional nurserymen, as well as taking advantage of the odd ‘chance discovery in the field’. In addition we have our own plant trials and have bred some of our own hybrids such as Agapanthus & Verbascum, some of which are in our on-line brochure. This means we have a great ‘treasure chest’ of exciting new material constantly appearing for trial and evaluation, which we hope to pass on to you one day!

If you are a breeder or a grower who thinks they have a new plant that could be marketed on your behalf, then you have to look no further! We welcome enquiries from anyone who believes they have a genuine new variety or sport from an existing plant. We have all the right information to help you feel assured and confident of keeping control of your new plant. Our professional experience in these matters will help explain how we provide you with a ‘test and trial’ agreement and what security we offer, and our methods of testing and plant protection.

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