Preferred Winners


Plants for big promotions…

This is a category we have reserved for a special group of plants that in our opinion have huge market potential and can be with confidence offered to your customers as a great promotional line. So far these have been all produced as elite stock items, being cleaned up from virus threats and are naturally extremely healthy! As the name implies any variety that appears in this category has the potential to be a huge success with your clients!

Salvia Amistad

Salvia Amistad growing in a pot Preferred Winners Logo

PBR EU 35867 - US Patent: PP23578

First introduced: 2012

Exquisite purple velvet flowers appearing from mystical, almost black, buds give this variety the top accolade! Amistad comes from ‘La Amistad’ which is Spanish for friendship, creating a great opportunity for this plant’s promotion.

Amistad has many attributes over the look-alikes. Firstly it is sterile so there is no possibility of other weaker colour forms. Secondly it flowers much earlier than other types, grows quickly and will bloom again after trimming. The tell-tale signs of black buds appear in almost every side shoot and so it responds to trimming.

It is not as tall as other varieties and makes a great centrepiece for mixed planters.

So far it has survived planted to -8 deg.C covered with snow, but we think it will take more in a sheltered spot.

Iberis Masterpiece

Iberis Masterpiece growing in a container Preferred Winners Logo

PBR: 2012/0137 EU33834 - US Patent: PP22280

First introduced: 2012

Years of patience and selection have enabled us to bring you this great winning promotional plant.

Not to be considered an alpine but as a good perennial plant for mixed containers on patios or for front of borders.

Flowers are double the size of any other variety and stems are stocky and robust.

The extra benefit of this plant is the unusually long flowering season, May to August, and even later as it does not want to stop flowering…

now that’s a nice problem!

Iberis Pink Ice

Iberis Pink Ice growing in a planter Preferred Winners Logo

Patent no: 23854

First introduced: 2013

This variety brings a new colour break to this genus and makes for a good companion in any small border or rockery and even for pot work.

A fairly compact evergreen plant that flowers quite late compared with the ordinary white flowering types, none the less its worth the wait! Numerous flowers appear on a wide canopy of foliage from Mid to late May into late June and sometimes beyond, depending on the season. Each flower appears deep pink in bud opening to an ice pink when open, the combination of this two tone colouring is quite startling and makes a very pretty garden plant.

It appears to be quite hardy and requires little maintenance!

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